System for jelly candies


Bosch Packaging presents its upgraded Rapidsolver BLK 2500 BR for dissolving jelly masses, featuring a patent-pending heat recovery system used to preheat the mass, which offers up to 50% less energy consumption and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, energy-saving dissolving is achieved through the optimized design of the machine, allowing steam pressure to be reduced by 0.3 bar, further relieving thermal stress on the product and preserving its quality and taste. The machine’s new hygienic design enables shorter cleaning times by eliminating areas that can trap food residues and cause contamination. Hygienic design is also in the heart of the mogul plant, the HLM 35 Roto Step (RS), and the drying room from our partner Pinco SA – both made of stainless steel with multiple easy-to-clean features. The lateral movement of the depositor into the mogul’s frame allows for the clean-in-place function, reducing the maintenance time and protecting the tray transport system. Hygienically designed sieve baskets further reinforce food safety efforts – a smooth surface and eliminated edges prevent accumulation of product residues and enhance gentle handling of jellies. To meet the growing needs of confectionery manufacturers for high-speed, hygienically designed packaging equipment, Bosch has extended its SVC vertical form, fill and seal platform with the new SVC 1820 BH bagger – specifically modified for the industry. It is built with a stainless steel frame, while its surfaces are rounded, tilted and have as few flat parts as possible to prevent food particles from being trapped.

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