Stretching system


MilkyLab is specialized in cooker-stretcher by steam for fresh mozzarella, pizza cheese, analogue mozzarella, processed cheese and spreable cheese. With effect from 2007, equipment carries 3A Sanitary Standard certification to give the customer the assurance of using machinery built in compliance with the dairy industry’s hygiene, design and safety standards. The news stretching system as well as increasing output by 10% over traditional stretching systems, and steam consumption is reduced to 50%. The machine is designed for use with fresh curd or  block of cagliata, but is also suitable for mixing in powder products such as Caseina or waste products for cheese spread production. Double wall vat featuring Aisi 316 stainless steel  structure and facility for supply of steam to jacket. The melting happens by direct steam injection, or with steam injected into the jacket. The vat is fitted with two 2-way augers used for kneading and activated by a motor reducer with adjustable speed and inverter. PLC for the management of recipes and daily checking of production data.

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