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Steam stretcher


Almac steam stretcher FV 2000 is designed for the production of pasta filata cheeses, foodstuffs and processed cheeses, using as row materials, industrial curds, fresh curds, cut cheeses, animal fats and food ingredients. The row material to be transformed is directly introduced into a processing chamber and it is subject to the combined action of two counter-rotating augers and ten steam injectors. During this processing phase, dough starts to change its structure, passing from a coarse and discontinuous consistence to a fibrous and continuous one, typical of the pasta filata. Once the pasta has reached the desired features, it will be automatically discharged by the pushing of the augers. The advantages that can be obtained by means of the melting machine are: final cheese moisture standardization, thanks to the presence of 10 steam injectors into the processing chamber; steam use avoids the unnecessary need of the stretching water preparation, with a consequent sure energy saving; combined action of the augers and the steam avoids the need of the curd-cutter, as they succeed in shredding the curd.

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