Storage silos


Based in Italy, Cepi designs, manufactures and installs turnkey systems for the storage, conveying and metering of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes.

With more than 5000 installations the world over and decades of experience working with the most important companies in the food industry, offers full vertical integration that makes food processing as efficient as can be.

Unbroken lines smoothly carry minor, micro and macro ingredients from storage silos to metering stations, with operations managed by operator panels and software providing full traceability. Along the way, the needs of any powders, granulates or liquids are met through equipment such as fermenting tanks, yeast melters, sugar mills, sugar inverters, bread re-work dissolvers, brine production, flour cooling, bread and biscuits scrap re-work systems.

Cepi develop around 300 specialized systems every year, mainly for various applications in the food industry, handling each step of the project from process analysis to mechanical and software design, production, installation and finally start-up and service. Funded in 1985 by an engineer and a manufacturer, is active worldwide with around 80% of our order book coming from exports, Europe and the Americas being our most consolidated markets.

In the last years have been working steadily with South-East companies and we are looking to move more deeply in the Far East.

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