Decanters and separators


The decanter and separator Pieralisi presented at Cibus Tec are particularly suitable for the clarification of products with a high solid content. Two high-performing machines for the food industry that fit any separation process.

The Baby 3 Cpa back drive decanter centrifuge is characterized by the adjustable centripetal pump, which, on the one hand, can discharge the clarified liquid under pressure avoiding the contact with air and the consequent possible oxidation of foam formation, and, on the other hand, can ensure the continuous adjustment of the discharge level of the liquid.

This provides the versatility required for the management of products with variable concentrations and properties. The picture shows the SU 400 centrifugal separator, designed for the clarification of liquids and the concentration of solids: liquids are discharged by means of a turbine, whereas the solids are discharged continuously through nozzles.

Thanks to its geometry and the high centrifugal forces, this vertical centrifuge, which works on a continuous cycle, is ideal for working with products that have physical properties (density, viscosity, size of the solids) with very wide variations. Particularly indicated for the treatment of yeasts, starches, musts and oils, its field of use ranges across the entire food industry.