Storage plants for short pasta


Storage plants for short pasta from Pro-Tech Italia are equipped with bucket elevators with 300, 500 or 700 mm wide buckets made of food-grade ABS resin or food grade ABS resin and AISI 304 stainless steel net and metal detectable food-grade ABS resin.

Screw-less storage cells, metal and/or plastic profiles in parts in contact with the product eliminate stagnation of dust or pasta. The walls of the silos are constructed of one-piece panelling characterized by the total absence of metallic profiles; they are covered on both sides with food grade extra-thick plastic laminate.

They prevent the formation of condensation and are resistant to bending during filling and emptying. Each storage cell is equipped with stainless steel spiral lowerators. Stainless steel also for the hopper of the silos bottom with rounded corners.

Product extraction from the silos is carried out with reversible extractor belts that preserve its integrity, ensure high flow rates and accuracy, especially in the case of tricolour pasta. The silos can be supplied with double level sieves so as to meet any operational requirement.

An overhead sorting system consisting in bucket elevators and conveyor belts feeds the packaging machines equipped with buffering table and extractor belt, for the continuous feeding of multi-head weighers. The system is operated by switchboards equipped with PLC and remote-control systems.