Labelling of bundles and bottles


The Labelx series of labellers from Labelpack are a strategic resource to address the most diverse application challenges on various enclosures.

Already produced in several thousand units, this high-performance and reliable labeling unit is equipped with a management electronics capable of guaranteeing high speed and precision of application. All operating parameters can be managed from a simple and functional touch screen operator panel. The machine can be customized with a wide range of accessories for easy integration on any automatic packaging line.

With the integration of thermal transfer printing units, the labeller is transformed into a printing and application system with which to deal with problems of printing and applying labels on individual packages or high-productivity bundles with management of non-stop functions of the production line and control of the successful application of the label and the correct legibility of barcodes. This unit is also the heart of complete labelling systems designed for the application of one or more labels on plastic bottles and containers of various shapes and sizes.

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