Sterilization retort


LEVATIRetort units from Levati Food Tech are available in two versions, according to the sterilization method: Static retort for steam cycle, water rain cycle, mixed steam/air cycle; or rotary for steam cycle, water rain cycle, or water immersion cycle.

They can be easily modified to cater for all sterilization cycles, thus offering top flexibility in terms of changing between packaging material and sterilization options. The model SRC is ideal for the sterilization of milk-based drinks, featuring fixed and rotary spray nozzles to achieve the best possible temperature distribution throughout the retort and significantly reduce the processing time, and significantly improving productivity.

The SSM (Safe Sterilization management) System controls the entire process and provides all traceability records. To keep sterilization cycles as short as possible, while ensuring that each part of the container has been correctly treated is a basic step of the process, as it preserves the aspect and taste of the product, while significantly improving productivity. Levati offers a technology that contributes to reduce processing time, energy and raw materials, in order to comply with environmental requirements.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a machinary supplier from Vietnam.We are interested in your rotary retort machine with for porridge (materials: rice, chicken, lotus seed, pumkin, mushroom, etc.)
    Type: water immersion
    + 16 tons/day (around 12.000 cups/hour, cup size for 70g)
    + Working hours/day: 20 hours
    Package: cups
    Please give us the quotation

    Many thanks & Best regards

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