Dairy products

Continuous spinner-forming


From Inox Arte, Uniblock FFC/500 produces mozzarella, bites, braids, milk cheese, etc. Made of stainless steel Aisi 304, all parts in contact with the product are coated in teflon Dupont, sintered at high temperature. Cutter circular, mounted on the machine, with tilting on itself for washing operation. Compartment Augers (cooking curd) consists of a double chamber for maintaining the temperature and double screw extruder. Compartment Mixing (spinning) system equipped with mechanical arms. Compact unit: cutting, spinning and forming, with output until 400 kg/h. The group consists of: water heater, with automatic function. Provides the production and the hilt of the water needed for processing. Direct steam heating system with silencers; forming applied to the mixture compartment of the stretching machine, forming a single body with it. Equipped with two double-screw extruder and heated by electrical resistance, controlled by electronic thermostat. All sections of work have the possibility to vary the speed depending on the type of machining to be carried out.

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