Self adhesive labelling


Cavagnino&Gatti CG 84/BL2-10-2XPSP-MP can easily handle both wet glue and self adhesive labels. The carousel has 10 bottle-platforms powered by individual motors with the possibility of programming almost unlimited bottle rotation sequences. It’s equipped with two CG 84/B stations for wet glue application of front and back labels on a wide range of round or shaped bottles at a maximum speed of 10,000 bph. In a matter of minutes, the same machine can be easily changed-over for the application of self adhesive labels by disconnecting the two wet glue stations via an electro-pneumatic system and inserting the modular self adhesive label dispenser/applicators directly in place. This solution provides the advantage of compact central carousel and frame in a labeller with simple and rapid switching from wet glue to self adhesive applications. It has been designed for optical orientation of glass cartouche/logo on fl at bottles as well as mechanical orientation of round bottles by side lug or bottom slot. Recently, two machines have been supplied to a scotch whisky bottling company that needed a compact but versatile labeller of worldwide export.

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