Steam generators


MAS proposes the STA/V/STFV steam generators in stainless steel. All models are eligible for Industry 4.0 benefits. The boiler body is entirely enclosed with removable panels insulated with fiberglass and ceramic fibre.

The boiler is delivered complete with: taps and fittings by the best brands according to regulations; level regulator with electronic probe; burner blocks, minimum level with electronic probes; pressure switch for burner operation and max. pressure; automatic drain; economizer.

The large upper collector allows for a large steam chamber. Other technical features are: two bands of evaporator tubes; one superheater to eliminate traces of water in the steam; electrical control panel complete with touchscreen, with remote surveillance and assistance; total yield 90% and beyond with heat recovery; steam concentration 0.97; testing and exemption at construction site according to Ispsel standard.