Microbiological brine control


Idrosafe Brine was born from the experience gained by Idroricerche in the treatment of food process fluids, with particular attention to the dairy sector. It is a revolutionary dynamic micro-filtration system dedicated to the efficient management of brine water in the cheese production processes.

Its use allows the regeneration of the brine, ensuring the elimination of pathogens and organic compounds, with considerable water savings and the preservation of the original recipe of the product. It autonomously manages the filtration and regeneration cycles of membranes – maximising their technical life and keeping negligible the presence of chlorides in the drains of the counter-washes – and automatically performs sanitization operations.

Thanks to these features, it ensures constant brine quality, regardless of the microbiological load coming in, while keeping energy consumption low. Idrosafe Brine is available for the treatment of flow rates up to 7.5 m3/h and is equipped with a remote-usable HMI panel, which can be combined with the main management systems on the market.

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