Boilers GVR series

Automatic pressurized


Magnabosco Company is proud to introduce the steam boilers GVR series, representing the best concept of quality, compactness and Energy saving and offering the following advantages: totally pre-assembled, quick steam production and simple working, reduction of maintenance times, maximum thermal output, excellent fuel saving, high steam reserve, use of ”fossil free” fuels too. Thanks to the overheating steam in the accumulator, boilers satisfy any sudden and/or discontinuous need of dry steam at relevant distances too without any problems. The use of any burner’s brand and fuel type allows a rapid after-sale service all over the world. With the introduction of new GVR C equipped with water tank made of painted steel placed under the boiler, reducing in this way the overall dimensions in comparison with the traditional GVR, already compact. All C models are available in their traditional version, which today is called S. In this case the boiler is mounted, as usual, on palletizing base, where the stainless steel water tank, the pump and all other fittings are placed too.

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