Spiral Mixers with fixed bowl


The range of SPI mixers is born from the union between tradition and technological evolution of Esmach. For years, the company focused on the research and monitoring of all aspects regarding the process and the growth of dough, the latest products, the rheological properties of the compounds, their duration and their final temperature.

The result is a new range of versatile and reliable mixers for all types of baked goods, with capacities ranging from 2 to 300 kg. The control panel includes a functional and innovative control console that can be rotated by 120° so that the work position is always perfect, even in small laboratories.

The spiral geometry follows the bowl walls, and the excellent bowl-arm-shaft size combination gives regular, soft and refined dough even with minimum quantities. The clear LID protection made in food-grade material, eliminates the dispersion of flour powder. The cover and smooth bowl surfaces are compatible with hygienic treatments and guarantee proper hygiene and sanitation.