Roll-fed labelling


Rollquattro Evo is the roll-fed labeller proposed by Sidel for PET containers intended for water and soft drinks. It primarily uses wrap-around roll-fed technology, applying either paper or plastic labels with hot-melt glue. The success of roll-fed technology lies in the physical and practical qualities of plastic labels that appeal consumers and offer benefits for beverage producers.

In addition to the high gloss finish, in fact, the labels are waterproof and therefore less likely to be affected by adverse storage conditions. Furthermore, being very thin, they are irrelevant for the weight of containers. Their constructive features offer the following potential: linear design that facilitates label handling; accurate and smooth format changes; minimal maintenance, sustainable and cost-efficient operations.

Productivity ranges from 34,000 to 42,000 containers/h, for bottles with diameters from 53 to 110 mm. Glue drum, vacuum drum and cutter are subject to less wearing, and the absence of lubrication decreases maintenance downtime. The glue tank is located under the machine base and can be easily and safely accessed by the operator.

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