Spiral mixers for pizzeria and bakery


Dell’Oro’s spiral mixers are multifunctional machines characterized by a fast mixing system that provides for quick absorption of large amounts of water thanks to its double speed. Ideal for various types of dough mixtures, in bakeries and pizzerias, they are perfect also for pastry products.

The bowl and spiral are made in stainless steel. The bowl has a central shaft with a double function: It allows to mix a minimum amount of dough by conveying the ingredients to the mixing area; and to cut the dough during mixing without overheating the dough that is also well oxygenated. The range of spiral mixers includes models with dough capacity ranging from 7 to 300 kg.

The models come in different outfittings, all complying with European regulations for safety and hygiene. Automatic models as the one in the picture, are equipped with wide V-belts that make these machines noiseless. The electronic/digital system facilitates switching from the first to the second speed and the stop at the end of the work.