Speeding up color extraction times


The Extract System of Siprem is a unique machine which provides the winery with a technology capable of speeding up color extraction times, reducing maceration times and allowing a more efficient use of fermentation tanks.

The process is based on a physical phenomenon known as “cell disgregation”, whereby it is possible to extract the liquid phase of the grape by subjecting it to a sudden change of pressure. With this prerogative, the process of production through the Extract System consists of placing the whole or destemmed/pressed grapes in a container able to withstand high pressures.

Once the container is loaded, the grape mass is subjected to an adjustable pressure of between 10 and 18 bar by injection of inert gas (CO2 or N2) for the time necessary to allow the gas to penetrate the intracellular network of the grapes (usually between 10 and 25 seconds).

Then, the draining valve located at the bottom of the container is opened, causing the product to fall into the low pressure chamber. This sudden change of pressure causes the complete separation of the pulp from the peel, allowing an instant and massive extraction of the coloring, olfactory and structural substances, moreover without damaging the seeds and any stalks present in the mass.

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