Twin-screw volumetric pumps


With a range of over 600 models of pumps for the food industry, CSF Inox can offer the right solution for every application.

For example, the TS series twin-screw volumetric pumps are the best solution for pumping a variety of products with different shear and flowability characteristics, delicate and containing suspended solids, including serum, milk, cream, curd, cheese, creams and puddings, yoghurt.

The wide range of flow and pressure of the five models that make up the series, configurable with multiple types of rotors, allows to process food products as well as CIP and SIP washing fluids with a single pump. Suction capacity, constant flow without pulsation and foam, even with a high gas content, make the pumps suitable for even the most demanding applications.

Made entirely of stainless steel, they have no sliding parts in plastic or rubber. EHEDG and 3A certifications ensure that the highest hygienic standards are respected. The twin-screw pumps can be mounted as a monobloc (photo) with direct connection to the motor flange, or installed on a stainless steel base and coupled by means of an elastic joint to high efficiency motors, possibly driven by inverter.

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