Rotary cappers


Familiarity and specialization is the combination on which OMBF bases its activity. Established in 1998 in Canelli (Asti) from the entrepreneurial spirit of the brothers Bene, the company has specialised in the supply of machines featuring extremely flexible and simplified mechanical technologies.

The constant search for innovation and cutting-edge solutions is the common thread of the company’s history, a constant of the brothers Angelo and Giuseppe Bene, which has been adopted by the second generation entering the field.

The company’s wide range of products encompasses solutions suitable for all bottling, capping, capping and wire-hooding needs, with single, monoblock and triblock systems (automatic and semi-automatic versions) for production from 300 to 7000 bottles/h.

These include the UNI-Theca 4+4 rotary model, suitable for the distribution and closure of caps made of polylaminate, lead, foil and aluminium by means of four spinning heads (approx. production 4000/4500 b/h) and PVC shrink caps by means of four shrink heads (approx. production 7000 b/h).

The capper is composed as follows: universal automatic caps distributor with device for the separation of polylaminate, foil and aluminium caps by means of pins and air-blow extraction of PVC caps; rotary turret with four shrink heads or four spin-on heads.

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