Snacks conveyor


Liwayway, a leading China snack food company, placed an order to Interroll for a modular conveyor platform (MCP) system and three pallet flow systems to upgrade the plant in Shanghai. The new MCP system will convey carton boxes through labelling, sealing and pre-stacking operations, with an output of up to 3000 p.p.h. The main element of the new platform is the fully modular system that can be assembled to form a complete material flow solution. The modules include the straight sections and curves with and without drives as well as the merge cassettes for loading and unloading goods, as well as alignment and belt conveyors for overcoming steep inclines. Depending on the requirements, the modules can be combined with one another and can be equipped with various drive systems. Zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be realized using the 24 Volt Roller Drive that operates without pneumatic actuators. High conveying speeds can be achieved and extremely heavy goods (up to 50 kg) can be conveyed thanks to a 400 Volt drive solution. All modules can be connected with the conveyor modules, so that customers can easily upgrade existing systems. The supply includes also three pallet dynamic storage systems with a total of 2160 pallet positions, of which 960 FIFO positions in the raw material warehouse and two LIFO dynamic storage systems with a total of 1200 pallet positions in the two finished goods warehouses.


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