Sleeve on cans… the future of packaging



In 2016 P.E. Labellers installed various MAYA mod. sleeving machines for the application of full-body labels, with thermal-shrinking, on aluminium cans, at different production speeds: between 6,000 and 36,000 bph. Maya processes neutral cans applying customisable sleeves with different graphic designs, depending on the product. This represents a huge advantage for both mass producers and for Private label bottlers, which translates into maximum savings as it is possible to process incredible purchase batches optimising use for the different types of products, but also for microbreweries since neutral cans can be ordered in minimum batches, thereby limiting procurement costs. One must also remember that the can is light and does not run the risk of breaking, it is easily transportable, it provides compete protection against the light, it is 100% aluminium and infinitely recyclable, and can also be used in various branches of the beverage industry: soft-drinks, energy drinks, beer, milk, tea, coffee etc. Customisation is a key factor in marketing strategies and a package with a unique graphic design can reinforce the consumer’s perception of the product’s quality.

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