Soft and Hard Vacuums



As part of a continued commitment to research and development, Sealed Air, has announced a major technological upgrade to its range of vacuum chamber packaging equipment for medium-low output. The new Cryovac VS2XDC is designed to help processors boost productivity, while reducing operational costs. This system can easily switch between soft and hard vacuum packaging processes and is ideal for vacuum sensitive products such as smoked and processed meats, and fresh meat. “Rising raw material costs and shrinking retail prices are squeezing margins. At the same time, processors need to maintain quality and efficiency levels,” said Krzysztof Zajac, Sealed Air Europe marketing manager of Food Care Equipment. “To address these market challenges we’ve developed the VS2XDC vacuum machine. It can increase packaging speed and efficiency, while continuing to deliver an outstanding vacuum shrink bag wrap and seal that extends a product’s shelf life and helps reduce food waste.” These performance features help reduce operating costs and improve outputs: motorised exit rollers for a more accurate product positioning and automatic discharge; buffer conveyor for increased automation; UltraSeal system to avoid water usage for sealing bar cooling to reduce costs and improve sustainability; power saving function for energy saving; Ultravac and vacuum control system (VCS) for improved packing performance and product protection; three different sealing bar height settings to optimise product presentation.

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