Beer bottles inspection


parmacontrolsParmacontrols is exclusive distributor for the Emea (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of the company CanNeed, provider of inspection instruments for controlling the correct seaming of cans and metal covers, testers for plastic and glass bottles, as well as laboratory detectors for the beverage and canned-food sectors. Among the available testers, there is TPO-100 Full Automatic Beverage Total Package Oxygen Analyzer, for the simultaneous measurement of TPO, DO, head space volume, air pressure, temperature and carbon dioxide. TPO (total package oxygen) is a very important parameter for the analysis of the aromatic component in wine and beer, as it reacts with a variety of compounds that are essential for the organoleptic characterization and shelf-life of the product. Oxygen derives from production and fermentation processes, and may vary depending on factors such as type of plant, temperature, and container. It is always present in variable concentrations both in the liquid product and in the head space and for this reason an accurate test must take into account both, the dissolved and the free oxygen rate. With IP67 protection class, the tester features air pressure, temperature and oxygen sensors. The optical sensor is quick and exact in sensing, and is insensitive to other dissolved gases and to the pH value; its response is 1/3 quicker than that of polarimetric probes. Furthermore, it does not consume oxygen, it does not require electrolyte nor membrane, and is stable over time. The results are processed via software and displayed in the LCD screen. Operation is fully automated, with quick response (250 samples/h).


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