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Automatic tray sealer


Vacuum Pump has been designing and manufacturing vacuum packaging machines and shrink film packaging machines for more than 40 years and thanks to the long experience gained, it can be considered one of the leading companies in this field. Regarding vacuum packaging machines has developed a wide range of solutions for packing products into pouches and trays, with both automatic and semi-automatic units, addressed in particular to the dairy and meat industry. On the other side, the new automatic tray sealer GV58 is the latest model manufactured for sealing plastic pre-formed trays with injection of protective atmosphere. This conveyorised machine with several loading positions (according to requirements) can also be integrated with a vertical tray denester and connected to additional filling-dosing devices and/or printers. On request it is possible to set up the machine for SKIN packaging and for MAP packaging of thermosealable and peelable hinged-lidded trays (patented process). The packaging unit is controlled by a PLC co-ordinating all the operative functions and visualising the possible alarm signals. More over it allows the integration of these machines into automated production lines.

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