Single-column palletiser


The palletiser MT977 Mectra consists in a single-column structure on which different type of picking head could be installed, depending on the type of product to handle. The machine is versatile, that is why it could be setup according to customer’s demands: with high or low loading, for cartons, shrinks and tinplate cans (full and empty), plastic or aluminium cans and many other type of canister. This machine applicability can ensure performances in food and can-making industries, but even in several other context where high reliability and space exploitation must be guaranteed. The high-speed low-loading layer palletiser MT567 is fully accessible without the need of platforms and access staircases which is a great advantage when maintaining the equipment and during troubleshooting. Layers are collated by means of servo-driven grippers that gently shift/turn packs as per the preset configuration. Each gripper can perform over 40 cycles/min and can handle one or more packs at a time. In order to ensure faster layer handling, the machine is equipped with two lifts which are compensating the disadvantage of preparing layers at floor level. The machine can easily palletise 6 layers/min.


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