2D graphical decoration


Opessi Stefano represents the Dutch Foodjet Printing System, whose 2D printing system applied to the food industry allowed to create repeatable decorations for mass-produced food products. The system comprises two elements: the printing unit, which can be mounted on a frame or docked onto an existing conveyor belt; print heads, adjustable according to the type of product to be handled, are placed on a support structure placed on roller bearing guides. The structure facilitates the extraction of the machine components for cleaning and maintenance. The printing modules are designed to accurately deposit a variety of thick fluids for different applications, as: decorating, layering or filling with food materials onto food substrates. Typical deposited materials are: chocolate compound and real tempered chocolate; tomato sauce; liquid dough; butter and cream; jams and gels; sugar icing; cheese; ice-cream; syrups and jellies. The print heads are installed in stainless steel dry-break terminals on the stationary depositor unit. This unit is based on a stationary frame around or integrated with the conveyor. A 10 inch colour touch screen panel allows an operator to have full control over the machine functions.

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