Updates for Industry 4.0


For P.E. Labellers, the year 2017 will see important trade fairs taking place: two major global events will be Interpack and Drinktec, where the company will also present innovative solutions and service

P.E. Labellers and Packlab are getting ready, first and foremost as always, to participate in Interpack. In fact, from 4 to 10 May they will be in Düsseldorf, at stand 14D09, to showcase a wide range of technological innovations. At the stand, the labelling machine model Modular TOP 1120-16 SM will be on display, equipped with:

– a trolley with self-adhesive module 140 mt;

– a trolley with self-adhesive module 140 mt featuring an automatic joiner;

– a trolley with a cold glue unit and 5 pallets for seal application, with new up and down safety guards and a hot melt reinforcement system;

– multi-format grippers’ starwheels;

– augmented reality (which will be described below).

This year the innovative sleever MAYA will also be present, available for full-body, half-body, tamper-evident and bi-pack promotional applications: it is a compact, powerful, versatile machine, fully customisable with accessories to meet the most varied marketing needs, which is able to pack containers, empty or full, of any shape, size and material and to work sleeves with reduced thickness compared to the standard, with a consequent reduction in the cost of rolls, providing packaging that also meets the high quality standards of P.E. Labellers. Below we will describe the Pocket Sercos project, installed on the machine, an important technological innovation to solve problems on the line. Packlab will showcase the linear labelling machine Easy REP FB 40 SL, the most compact model of the Wing version with full cover sliding safety guards, even at the top. It ensures reduced bulk and is as flexible as a Wing with a production speed up to 7,200 pph. The Packlab labelling machines are constantly evolving in order to better satisfy customer requests. The machine is equipped with a thermal transfer printer for variable data.

Labelling machine model Modular TOP 1120-16 SM

Revolutionising service. The actual technological revolution involves the possibility of using futuristic tools for the maintenance and management of machine productivity, which are connected to devices such as tablets and smartphones, equipped with dedicated Apps (currently available for iOS software and, from 2018, they will be developed also for Android systems). The augmented reality system installed on the Modular Top uses an iPad with a dedicated app that allows the operator to frame the machine, monitor its operating status, and display any alarms, signals or maintenance to be carried out. With this device, the interior of the electrical cabinet can also be viewed to check its status without having to stop the machine and actually open the cabinet. All this will be “at your fingertips”. The sleever, instead, will be equipped with a Pocket Sercos system for online troubleshooting. The system uses both an iPhone and iPad with a dedicated App and Wi-Fi or 3G connection. In case of problems, the machine sends an alarm signal on the application and the operator can send it directly to the P.E. Service in real time. In this way, the problem can be identified directly and a solution is provided quickly and directly, where possible, with a temporary password that the P.E. support technician will send to the operator in order to set the parameters with guided support. This system has another added value, namely, machine data reading, performed in the language of the current geographical position of the machine. In fact, being made with iOS devices, if the machine is in Portugal, the data is read in Portuguese, if in Arabia, the data is read in Arabic, and so on. No data needs to be translated, since it is read directly by the Pocket Sercos system.