Shrink sleeve labeling


Finpac Italia, supplier of shrink sleeve labelling lines, has taken on a new look with the entry of the Italian holding  IZH and the following establishment of Finpac Sleeve.

The significant investment has enabled the already highly performing range to be improved with innovative and eco-friendly technological solutions with special regards to kinematics, processing and material compounding.

The company’s commitment in the construction of its machines is also aimed at reducing the friction of wear parts, resulting in increased operational efficiency. The Italian company offers multiple solutions for the application of shrink sleeves with productivity ranging from 6000 to 72.000 pieces/h, including product handling technology to satisfy a wide range of applications.

The photo shows SHM LS, a new low-speed, sturdy, versatile low-cost shrink sleeve line. Conceived and developed thanks to the sound background acquired in years of cooperation with the biggest and most famous bottlers of the world, this line manages  a broad range of applications, fully meeting the current market requirements.  The purchase of the machine is supported by an efficient all-round commercial and after-sales service: From the choice of the most suitable film right to graphic design and assistance during the print.

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