Shrink and pallet’s conveying lines


Mectra boasts a thirty-year experience in the production of palletisers, depalletisers, bulk, shrink and pallet’s conveying lines, loading and unloading system and automatic handling systems.

All installations are the result of a new urge that the company gave to innovation, investing on its research and development department: over recent years the machines realized make the most of new technologies and they are recognize and appreciate for their performances thanks to new technologies and, above all, to new kinds of robotic system.

With the aim of maintain with customers a long-lasting reliability, the company settled in Emilia Romagna designs its installations taking into account the fact that “time is money” and that companies are not able to face any waste of time.

The single-column palletisers are designed to handle shrinks of different dimensions, due to different container sizes, in a very limited time lapse:  machine’s operative capacity can reach four layers per minute.

The pick and place head on board of the robotic arm that pick up, centre and drop off the layer guarantees rapid movements and the structure stability permits to handle heavy layers, although the available space in the operating area is very tight.

This machine category meets the need of different can sizes palletizing processes, filled with even 3–5 kg of product. Thanks to the study and the research of a technical team that is perfectly aware of all trouble that may come across during production process, the machine is equipped with a simple and intuitive trader interface.

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