Sanitary self-priming pumps


GEA offers sanitary pumps for various sectors, as the food, dairy and beverage industries; they are equipped with energy-efficient motors. The pumps of the Varipump and Smartpump series are EHEDG certified. They are available in a variety of models and sizes. The models available in the Varipump range are Hilge Hygia, Maxa, Sipla, Contra, Novalobe. Developed for difficult applications wit low NPSH, they offer up to Ra ≤0.4 μm surface roughness. The SmartPump line covers standard, often used applications at standard conditions. The models Hilge TP, TPS , and Durietta are sustainable and economic, with quick delivery times. Their configuration is very simple configuration, and their spare parts are standardized. In the picture, Hilge TPS, ideal for tank emptying and conveying of liquids containing gas (CIP return and product conveying). Its technical specifications: delivery between 100 and 120 m3/h, delivery height 90/100 m, pressure 16 bar. The model Hilge TP, more suitable for standard applications, has following technical properties: delivery from 220 to 240 m3/h, delivery height 95-130 m, pressure 16 bar.

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