Reclosable packs for cheese


One of Gerosa’s flagship products is linked to resealable packaging solutions to ensure the integrity and freshness of packaged goods. Among the top models, there is Servo Box, a solution developed for packaging sliced cheese. The multi-layer laminate, consisting of Apet (amorphous polyester) and peelable PE, is used for thermoforming the lower film, i.e. the tray; it ensures the tray resealability thanks to different geometries of top and bottom. All solutions are designed to protect and preserve food over time, and the opening and closing package allows deferred consumption. Next to high barrier properties, the packaging offers two possibilities for graphic presentation, one inside and one outside the package. Most diverse solutions are available for cheese packaging, depending on the kind and shape of cheese as well as on the packaging and preservation technologies: from grated cheese to cheese on thermoformed trays, from traditional flow-packs combined with easy-opening lids. The structures can be: OPA+PE, PP+PE barrier, PET+Alu+PE, PET barrier + PE, PET+PE, OPP+PET+PE.

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