Ricotta cheese dryers


The ricotta drying plant developed by Tred Technology is available in two versions: Eco Min/F, with capacity of 45 cheese forms; Eco Evo/F, with capacity of 75 forms. The system consists of a stainless-steel processing chamber and a painted sheet metal exterior with hinged door.

The incoming and exhaust air is treated via adequately sized wall openings with diffusers that ensure its homogeneous distribution. The treatment with dehumidified air allows processing at low temperatures (from 10°C upwards), while maintaining the organoleptic properties of the ricotta cheese and reducing the drying time.

The static dryer prevents the formation of mould in the maturing cells despite the insertion of new cheese every day. The ventilation system ensures that the air is evenly distributed over all the shelves. Continuous replacement of the process air preserves the product freshness. The PLC allows setting of three steps of temperature and duration of the work cycle, to be able to work any product, and to store recipes.