Rotary lobe pumps


The foodstuff industry places high demands on the transport of viscous media: on one side high pressure is required to maintain the product texture, and on the other side hygiene must be ensured. To meet these needs, Netzsch offers T.Sano, an all-metal rotary lobe pump with a pump chamber with no dead areas. Specifically designed to meet the need for high hygiene, this pump features an oil-free belt drive. In the Tornado T2 series, the pulsation of lobes with two rotors is equal to that of lobes with four rotors. The pumping action is generated by the contra-rotation of two rotors within the pump chamber, which are synchronised externally; they prevent the contact between components, thus reducing wear.To meet food safety and FDA requirements, all metal parts that come into contact with food are in polished stainless steel. Special mechanical cartridge seals provide for a tight sealing. The rotors are fixed cleanly from the outside with quick-fit taper lock ringsets, which makes replacement easier. At the same time, no solids can deposit, as all rotary lobe surfaces are smooth; this means risks of clogging and blocking are successfully prevented. In addition to the pump chamber design that eliminates dead space preventing product deposits and making cleaning easier, external fastenings ensure delicate flow with no risk of clogging. The pump can be cleaned manually or following the CIP process.

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