Cheese salting systems


For the daily handling of a large number of cheese wheels, Progema Engineering proposes dynamic salting lines consisting in a single block and workstation: the wheels are fed into the workstation by a mechanical conveyor, and at the end of the cycle, an extractor conveyor carries them to the next processing and maturing areas. The line handles large quantities with minimum personnel, as it eliminates the manual loading and unloading of cheese wheels, and constant monitoring.  The line can be integrated in a new processing line or in a line undergoing renovation.  A pump creates a continuous brine flow in the “stream” and in the vats to move the wheels. Shelved baskets move up and down inside the vats, so that the shelves can be positioned where required in the brine stream. Each basket features a system of tanks connected to a compressed air system that lifts and lowers the baskets by means of Archimedes’ principle. A series of entry and exit partitions allows the movement of the wheels. A compensation tank is equipped with a second pump and an ice-water exchanger, filter media and salt baskets, for a full regeneration of the brine and its temperature control. The PLC with operator panel allows automatic control of all operation parameters for each vat, and the preparation and recycling of the brine. The line is suitable for all hard or semi-hard, small or large cheese types. The company can take care of the entire masonry project, as well.

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