Dicers for Parmesan and similar types of cheese


Technological and mechanical progress for processing, cutting and packaging hard and semi-hard cheese achieved levels of perfection hard to overcome in terms of output and quality. Now, only the experience of manufacturers can make a difference and add value. To this effect, since 1990 Gelmini Macchine is a leader in the design and construction of machines and complete systems, which become more reliable and precise with evolving technical standards. Synergy with the client – always deemed a vital component of the company’s philosophy – contributed to optimizing even the simplest mechanical lines. As in the case of the belt dicing machine Mod. CFG-NT E, reviewed to make maintenance and cleaning operations easier, but maintaining unchanged the main construction characteristics. One operator can carry out mechanical interventions without any help. Cleaning operations are performed by the personnel in charge, in complete independence. The cart is an excellent partner.Thanks to carefully selected materials and suppliers and regular order updates, the company can meet market requests. With its cutting accuracy, high output and ease-of-use, this machine is a must on production lines for Parmesan-like snacks, single-serves and flakes. The comb-like cutter blade and the removable belt make maintenance easier. Optimized space and performance is possible with Gelmini’s compact cubes and flakes line. The technical specifications are: power supply 380 V 3-phase, 50Hz (IEC309:3P+N+E); power installed 2.3 kW; working table height 970 mm; overall dimensions 1550x1030x1580 mm; weight 600 kg.

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