Robot controllers


The range of Yaskawa industrial robots for handling applications includes the Motoman GP7, GP8, GP12 and GP25 Models, whose IP67 protection allow them to resist dust and coolants. They can be used without further modification even in harsh environments for handling and other automation tasks.

Easy to use and install, their slim arm design allows these robots to delve deeply into the workspace, while smooth surfaces ensure cleanliness. The reduction of the number of cables and connectors provides for increased productivity. Wear and dimensions are reduced, as well as maintenance costs and the storage room necessary for spare parts.

The robots are controlled by the compact YRC1000 controller, which allows optimal use of space, and is designed to set new standards for robot acceleration and speed. The photo shows the teach pendant (weight 730 g), where the robot positions are visible on the 3D display. The robots can transfer a wide variety of products, as they mount grippers suitable for payload capacities ranging from 7 to 25 kg, according to the model.

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