Monoblock for beer, juices and soft drinks


Smartcan 8-1 is an automatic monoblock for low capacity up to 3,000 cans per hour, a brand new entry in Comac canning machines’ range. The machine, developed in partnership with CFT, is designed for complex requirements while providing the maximum reliability and flexibility.

Monoblock can process several can sizes (from 53 to 84 mm in diameter, and from 75 to 205 mm in height) for a wide range of products: beer, juices, still and carbonated soft drinks, still and sparkling water. Due to an innovative electronic seamer with flowed can reject system and filling valves controlled by flow-meters, Smartcan 8-1 is a cost-effective, high-quality compact machine, capable of meeting craft breweries’ needs as well.

Machine’s key features are: filling and seaming units with 8 flowing systems, 8 filling and 1 seaming stations; 180° work line between input and output of cans; automatic or manual loading choice; complete CIP cycle; filler and seamer nozzles fed by water circuit; full can external washing; inner lid gas injection with flow system.

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