Cheese salting


Milk Project is an engineering company formed by a group of designers and specialized technicians who have been working in the dairy sector since 1990. Since September 2018, Milk Project has been part of the CFT Group, an Italian company that exports processing and packaging equipment for the food and beverage industry.

For Giovanni Erba, Chairman and founder of Milk Project, “the entry of CFT opens a new phase of development: a partner with high managerial capacity, able to exploit marketing synergies guaranteeing food quality”. The product range includes highly automated systems for the salting of soft, semi-hard and hard cheese. Modular, immersion systems ensure the correct salt supply to the cheese during the whole production phase thanks to the programmed control of the technological process.

The microfiltration treatment guarantees the absence of surface contamination of the cheese. Cold microfiltration allows a more effective removal of spores, bacteria, yeasts and moulds than traditional systems, such as pasteurization and filtration with fossil flours, without dispersion in the environment. It also preserves the chemical composition of the brine and reduces the loss of salt and water. The production capacity of continuous flow systems ranges from 1000 to 3000 l/h.

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