Roasting systems for coffee and dried fruit


In Brovind’s hot air roasting units, the unprocessed product is fed onto the hopper from a feed hopper. The height of the product layer is automatically adjusted, the conveyor speed can be adjusted according to the desired roasting time, so that the line production speed can be adjusted accordingly.

The roasting unit is divided into three sections: pre-heating/drying, roasting and cooling. The hot air moves through the product layer, from the top to the bottom and the other way round, in order to obtain a perfectly roasted product. The flow rate can be adjusted from the frequency inverter of the dedicated fan.

One or more special mixers move the product, in order to obtain a perfectly homogeneous product. After the roasting, the product is air-cooled at room temperature. The cooling rate is controlled to achieve the desired temperature of the final product. Wide inspection ports on the sides provide for easy maintenance and cleaning.

A dedicated washing system with high-pressure air jets ensures the continuous cleaning of the conveyor, even during processing.