Extruders for cheese, curd, and butter


Scansteel Foodtech manufactures a wide range of in extruders and emulsifiers for cheese in blocks, curd and butter, even frozen; they are available in multiple versions with mouths and extrusion filters in different diameters and powers.

The extruder series delivers a high product surface area combined with high capacity output. Additionally, the extruder series is equipped as standard with a separator of foreign matter, which may be present in the cheese. Ideal for automatic lines that produce fresh cheese spreads and melted cheese, they reach an output of 20 ton/h with particle sizes of Ø2.8 or Ø5 mm.

The extruder is followed by the emulsifier, with head formed by stator and rotor, ideal when the final size of the cheese particles must be very small. The emulsifier can be pump-fed using a pump specifically designed for cheese processing, and directly connected to the emulsifier. The equipment includes a system for the separation of foreign bodies installed on the feeding pipe, ball valve and water-cooled seals.

The emulsifier can be rail-mounted for easier transfer during maintenance and cleaning interventions.

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