Print&Apply labeling


Characterized by Intelligent Motion, Videojet 9550 is an industrial labeling Print&Apply labeler targeted for zero unscheduled downtime, reducing costs and errors in case coding operations. The automatic, precise control of the entire system (direct apply label placement) guarantee its reliability.

This technology improves productivity, with yields up to 150 pieces per minute with standard 10×15 cm labels. The adjustment of the label positioning, which takes place on the basis of the size of the packages and the production speed of the line, is entirely automatic. Optional modules for the application of labels are available (Telescopic Tamp, Front of Pack and Rear of Corner Wrap) to satisfy every type of application.

Always thanks to the direct-apply technology, a unique on-demand labeling method, the accurate placement of the label onto the package is guaranteed, avoiding the risk of crumpled or shrunken labels. Labels do not jam, and the set-up is simple for placing the labels on the side or on the top of the package. The intuitive interface helps operators in the quick selection of the tasks to be performed, thus ensuring a correct coding of products. On-screen diagnostics track the performance and line efficiency.

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