Plunger arm mixers for pizza & focaccia


Bernardi presents Miss Baker Pro XL inox, top-of-the-range mixer with plunger arms, for mixing from 1.5 to 6 kg of product in a 20 liter tank. The arms, operated by a five-speed inverter, allow from 35 to 65 strokes/min.

The arms are fully removable for cleaning and quick removal of the dough. With a completely stainless steel AISI 304 body, this model is ideal for the preparation of basic dough for pizza, focaccia, bread, short and flaky pastry and egg pasta. It perfectly mixes doughs of high hydration, up to 100%.

The mixers of this range are equipped with a Bluetooth communication system for the use of the proprietary MixDrive application. The app, which can be downloaded free from AppStore and Google Play, allows to adjust machine speeds directly from a mobile device. The model described is also available in white and red versions.