Bottle guide system


MAKROAn innovative Makro Labelling patent which promises to provide a concrete, fast and economical answer to one of the most common problems in the labeller sector, that of orienting the bottle on the labelling line before application of the first label. It is known as Follower, the optical guide system designed, made and developed by the Marmirolo based company, one of the innovative in Italy and abroad making industrial labellers for the food and beverages industries. Can be applied to the labeller during or after construction. It enables the bottle to be oriented optically using considerably fewer sensors than the mechanical equivalent and much more quickly and economically than other systems. Thanks to the synchronous servo motors and sensor support structure, the system moves in a curved trajectory parallel to the perimeter of the carousel. The sensors therefore remain in front of the bottle for the time necessary for orientation only. They then go back and take up a position in front of the next bottle. Works on the outer perimeter of the carousel and ensures accessibility of the sensors. It becomes to all intents and purposes a module which can be attached to the machine, then detached, or if needed, replaced by a labelling unit.

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