Packaging, a growing sector

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The worldwide demand for packaging machines will grow by 5.4% during the three years 2016/2018. Ucima forecasts say so, after having investigated the world market by geographical areas, type of machines, and market sectors

According to the forecasts of Ucima Research Department, the world demand for packaging machinery will register a significant increase over the next three years. From this reliable and detailed analysis (Il Cubo), every company of the sector will be able to create “made-to measure” three-year forecasts on the demand of packaging machinery. According to UCIMA, the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association, by the end of the next three-year period, the market value will reach 42.7 billion Euro, with an estimated yearly growth by 5.4%. The study called “Il Cubo” can be purchased by the companies, and customized according to specific production and trade requirements.

Positive signals from food&beverage

The growth is driven by the demand from Asia (+7.8%) and Africa-Oceania (+7.4%), followed by Latin America (+5.8%). There is a variety of target markets, with even higher growth rates to be registered globally for machines for the food (+5.6%), cosmetics (+5.9%), and chemical industry (+5.9%). In absolute values, however, the beverage sector is going to take the lion’s share, with 31% of the total demand, corresponding to an absolute value of 13.5 billion Euro. The food sector follows with 31.4%, corresponding to 13.4 billion Euro. The demand for type of machines only partially reflects that for customer sector, according to Ucima’s study. Wrapping machines, in fact, are registering the highest growth rates for the three years period (+6.2%), together with fillers (+5.6%) and labellers (+5.3%).


Italian exports are growing

The European Union will grow by 2.6%, reaching an overall market value of 10.9 billion Euro deriving from machines for the cosmetics (growth rate 3.7%), food (+3.3%) and chemical industry (+2.9%). Italian machinery exports will register a growth rate within the average of the world growth, outperforming the market average of Europe (+3.2%), North America (+4.6%), Africa-Oceania (+7.7%). The most significant growth rates of Italian exports are expected in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran. In the current year, Italian manufacturers of automatic packaging machinery are registering a trend that is in line with that of the previous year, when the sector was finishing with a turnover of 6.3 billion Euro. A slowdown in export (83% of total revenues) is well offset by the increase in sales on the Italian market. The Italian industry of automatic packaging machinery is one of the most living sectors, and it vies for the title of the world’s leader with German manufacturers. More than 50% of the sector’s equipment sold worldwide is Italian or German. Italian leadership is based on five areas: high technology and quality of the proposed solutions; top customization, and machines flexibility, timely after-sales support worldwide; exceptional competitiveness thanks to the coexistence of big groups and highly specialised medium-small companies. Companies are mainly located in Emilia Romagna (highest concentration of packaging industry worldwide), Lombardy, Piedmont, and Veneto.