P.E. Labellers-Farchioni Olii: a 100% Italian partnership


FARCHIONIFarchioni olii S.p.A., one of Italy’s main producers of typical foods from Umbria – oil, wine and flour – chose an independent partner that was easy to interact with to provide self-adhesive or cold-glue labels for glass and PET formats in the olive oil sector. The solution adopted by the company was to implement a series of MODULAR FIX machines with a mechanical cam and MODULAR PLUS machines with an electronic cam, both fitted with adhesive and cold-glue label application units, depending on the production line they were installed on. The basic idea was to contain production costs as much as possible by offering machines made according to P.E. LABELLERS‘ high standards. Given the great satisfaction of the Farchioni family following the solutions offered by P.E. LABELLERS, there are now more than 7 labelling machines on the company’s olive oil production line, storing the valuable oil only in a covered place in their plants. Moreover, considering the differentiation of the product offer that Farchioni olii S.p.A. provides to its audience, P.E. LABELLERS also had the chance to supply a labelling machine for their craft beer line and one for packaging the wines from their winery.