Rotary ovens with touch panel


Founded in 1947, Mondial Forni develops and produces a wide range of machines for bakeries and confectionery shops, as rack ovens, electric deck ovens, steam tube ovens, convection and tunnel ovens. The company provides a large test bakery, where customers can try out the performance of the equipment by preparing their recipes.

The picture shows a new model: The rotary oven Basic 3.0 with intuitive touch panel and special systems for adjusting the air flows. Thanks to its ability to handle sudden changes in temperature, this oven stands out for versatility and performance. The bottom-to-top air flow ensures artisan-quality baking. The Speed Dry System provides tasty and fragrant products thanks to the steam extraction.

Heat reflecting glass windows reduce heat losses: 3.5% less consumption than with a traditional solution. The oven allows to monitor important production data, energy consumption and system efficiency, as well as to edit or load new recipes; and signals the need for interventions.

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