One mould, many bottles


A single mould with infinite customization possibilities: that is what offers ITM, the solution with interchangeable inserts developed by PET Engineering. This solution offers extreme flexibility thanks to the fact that the appearance and format of the bottles can be easily modified using interchangeable inserts with the original mould.

This means that it is always possible to insert new decorations, to alter their size compared to the surface of the bottle, to move and resize the label area, and to alter the capacity of the bottle by approximately 5%. A single shape can create infinite variants, with low implementation costs, because there is no longer the need to buy new mould sets to revamp the image of the products.

Using the same shape and keeping the overall dimensions the same, the bottle’s general appearance can be altered avoiding expensive interventions to change formats on the production line, as well as costs for the design, implementation and installation of different machine parts necessary to process a brand new container.

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