Pressure filling for beer


Master Can, engineered and designed from CFT Group for filling, is based on counter-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling carbonated beverages in both steel and aluminum cans. This plant is composed of a filling system based on the combined action of the filling valve and the can lifter.

The filling range is 6.000 cans per hour. The separate air return reduces the risk of product contamination and the extremely low oxygen pick-up enables reduced product oxidation. A high precision in the fill point can be obtained without level tubes thanks to a volumetric mechanical system.

Designed to be integrated into an automatic closed circuit system for sanitization, it is supplied with dummy cans to allow a return flow to the CIP station. The operator interface touch screen (HMI) is very user-friendly thanks to auto-diagnostic software. As a unique supplier the Group are also able to offer customers complete End of Line solutions: for example PAL systems combined with filling machines.

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