Compact ultrasonic cutting machines


The Cuttersonic series proposed by Gorreri includes the Multicut model, designed to rapidly cut and slice round and rectangular products. Characterized by its compact dimensions (1450x1050x1950 mm) the cutting machine allows to quickly change the product format.

The cleaning system of the cutting plate and of the blades make it ideal for small and medium production demand. The machine features three cutting shelves made of blue plastic material for the round format and three cutting shelves for the rectangular format (600×400 mm).

The standard equipment includes: a large electrical cabinet integrated in the frame and a colour touch screen control panel for programming the various cutting recipes. The main technical features are: fully stainless steel frame mounted on pivoting wheels; cutting head movement on X-Y levels and rotation by means of servomotors; vertical X axis movement with pneumatic command or with servomotor on request.

Safety is guaranteed by IP67 electronic barriers (frontal protection) and wide apertures in transparent polycarbonate of high thickness (on the sides).