Modified atmosphere packaged Mozzarella


The Micropack PRO AB flow-pack packaging machine is designed for modified atmosphere packaging of mozzarella blocks. Produced by Imanpack in stainless steel and featuring a bottom reel holder, it uses heat-sealable film.

A 2-metre long connection section connects it to the customer’s packaging machine which packs the mozzarella into thermoformed tubs. The packing machine’s feeding system has a two-section variable length and speed conveyor belt to adapt to the customer’s production flows and feed the packaging machine in the best manner.

This conveyor belt, called equalizer, allows the products to arrive at a packaging machine without being pressed or overlapped. The motorization and plc controller are performed through Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation branded servomotor-controllers. The parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel or food-grade plastic, in accordance with the existing directives.

The material of the final package is a multilayered film with oxygen and aroma barrier properties. The production speed (up to 120/130 packages/min) and the duration of the packaging can be adjusted through the touch screen.

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